Exploring the unseen


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About the artist

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Katya Roberts grew up in California and studied Sociology and Art at UCLA.  In 2002 she received the UCLA Women in Art Award.  After working at Fox Studios, Katya taught and developed the visual arts curriculum at a college preparatory school in Santa Monica, CA.  In 2017, Katya founded the Mayo Family Connections Artist Group and became a Rochester Art Center summer artist in residence.  She had a winning sculpture proposal for the public art series Art4Trails.  Most recently, Katya’s installation “Transient Horizons” was on view at Rochester Art Center’s juried exhibition titled Locavore

About the work

Influenced by Sociology and Cultural Geography studies, Katya Roberts’ work deals with the intersection and interaction between people and spaces.  She explores the intangible concepts of the human condition (such as the passage of time and its effects on perspective), as they relate to the geological forces at play in the earth.  She creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional works with a light or ethereal aesthetic quality.  Past works have explored communication, sound, time and natural forces.  Her working process at times involves formal or conceptual deconstruction and reunification as a vehicle towards greater understanding of these intangible concepts.  She is interested in commonalities within the human experiences as well as conceptual and material dualities.